Updating the Status Quo

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I question many things about daily life. I’m not against status quo, as it has its role in a functioning society. However, I think the current status quo needs an update.

I’ve noticed that many people will agree in what I’m about to say below; however, few take time to analyze and be critical about what is imposed in our daily lives. Most important – gather together to design and market what a better daily life experience could look like.  Feel free to post below or send me an email if you are interested in brainstorming with me on this topic.

Lately, I’ve began to allocate time to question why we do what we do and does it matter? why does it matter? Life is short. Our life, is no one else’s but ours. By the time we die, it’s too late.

I strive to live my life experiences in a way that suits my values, beliefs, and perspectives on life. I believe in re-creating traditions, norms, and the status quo in a way that make sense to our present day reality. We are living in an age where many things have changed/ are changing – including our behaviors, perceptions, and values.

An example of other factors that should be taken into consideration is neurodiversity, a biological difference. In my opinion, this goes beyond reducing stigma.  This type of faulty design in social norms / status quo isolates certain people which can lead to the now called “loneliness epidemic,” depression, suicide, etc.

The status quo was fabricated by other humans, they are not the ultimate law of the world. Norms are man-made. I have pending research on how social norms and the status quo are/were created.

Here is an exercise:

Can I celebrate Christmas/Hanukkah/Ramadan (etc.) in a way that is more meaningful to me? How can I create and design a new tradition that suits my current values, lifestyle, etc? What would that look like?


I think it’s time to re-design what is imposed on us in our daily lives.

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