The Secret Sauce

By February 5, 2020February 18th, 2020WHITE SPACES

Spices are an old category: the earliest traces of the spice trade go back to at least 2,000 BCE.


Because humans like flavor and variety.

Most likely, you choose restaurants based on their sauces. Well, one of the most important sauces in our wellness-oriented modern lifestyles – is salad dressings.

I’m a Sweet Green fan, and sometimes I wonder – what if I could just buy their salad dressings and save $15/salad. Would I still go to Sweet Green? Probably… not. I’d just buy their dressing and my own veggies, tofu, etc at the store.

This might be the case for a lot of other people. This makes me wonder about the value proposition – ¬†convenience and ….the other 50% amazing salad dressings?

We can’t beat the convenience of just going to the store and buying a ready to eat salad – BUT – we can figure out how to make badass salad dressings.

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Photo Credits: Shutterstock, Unsplash

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