Psychotropic Testing vs Data

By February 5, 2020February 17th, 2020OFF THE GRID


With the current bipartisan legislation to expand telehealth services through Medicare – there is a brighter outlook that has been enabled by many players including senators, technology startups, etc.

In my opinion, startups that will thrive in the telemedicine mental health space are those who focus on 1. Diagnosis 2. CBT 3. Psychotropic Testing 4. Machine Learning 5. Treatment

Telemedicine for mental health is particularly tricky because it can be very subjective, diagnosis parameters are in constant flux, and so on. This is a never ending discussion which hopefully we all engage in for positive and fruitful debate.

Genetic testing companies like Genesight and Genomind are trying to solve decades of trial and error with medications commonly prescribed to treat depression with personalized genetic testing technology.

The question is – can you also solve the trial and error problem without genetic testing and solely focus on a data solution – like what Spring Health does.


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