The Roundtrip

By March 1, 2020PRODUCTS

Regulators have taken us on a round trip – back to Malboro & Kool

The other day my husband and I were discussing about how fruit-flavored Juul pods are officially out of circulation due to serious health concerns in the teenage population. My husband’s conclusion was (and I agree) that regulators have not solved the problem, they have just taken us down a roundtrip.

“Fun-flavored” Juul pods are out of circulation now. According to regulators, this dissuades teenagers from smoking – as “traditional” flavors are not that appealing.

Who made tobacco and mint flavors – “traditional.” Regulators. History repeats itself.

This strategy has not worked in the past and is not working now. Teenagers are now smoking Juul pods in mint and tobacco flavors – and getting accustomed to these undesirable flavors because they want the nicotine.

Making a product “less attractive” is not the solution – that didn’t help cigarettes smokers quit – again, regulators just made them smoke less desirable flavors.

There must be another way to solve this issue.






Photo Credits: ProductivityHub, Axios

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