Pivot Trilogy



Handcrafted with African Padauk and Purple Heart Woods. Represents a deconstruction of mind, hand and heart symbols that embody the MIT motto: Mens et Manus.

December 2016  BATCH SIZE: 120 units

The process included user needs market research, concept ideation, prototyping, ergonomics and durability testing, manufacturing process development, branding, packaging design, production, marketing campaign, and sales.  Negotiated and sold 30% of the production to the MITidm program as a promotional item for the program.


The Mind, discovers

Perseverance, science, and intellect inspired by human ambition have pushed physical boundaries for once before inconceivable goals like taking a man to the moon. For centuries, it has allowed men to venture onto untraveled roads that lead to new discoveries. The mind is as complex as what it is able to achieve. Be empowered. Designed by Matt Rosen.


The Hands, build

The indescribable force of passion and ambition that allows humanity the ability to create. Building blocks that for centuries have been constructing heritage, symbols, cultures, products, cities, industries and bridges that connect them. For centuries, helping humans defy the laws of gravity and build the unimaginable and the beautiful. Be mindful, create positive change with your hands. Designed by Izabela Witoszko.


The Heart, yearns

Inspired by MIT´s unofficial motto: IHTFP (I Hate This F*cking Place / I Have Truly Found Paradise). Since the beginning of time, humanity has looked up to the sky wondering about its existence. At the highest peak of the mountain, there is a distance between the stars and you, that keeps you as an observer. This space is represented by the metal arrow going upward, it guides you, like the north star. A magnetic force that Pivots men to the irrational, the crazy and the beautiful. Be present. Designed by Laura Facussé.


Created at MITidm