Designed & Developed by:
  • Lester Choi
  • Laura Facussé
  • Jiani Zheng
Marketing Strategy by:
  • Phillip Ou
  • Laura Facussé
  • Timothy Reed
  • Dakota Pierce
  • Nwanacho Nwana
Graphic Design by:
  • Fito Facussé
  • Patricia Encarnación
  • Laura Facussé
The way we’ve been taught to think about health is perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists

AGE OF PERSONALIZATION Technology has allowed individual needs to be met, but personal health is still stuck in a “one-size-fits-all” mentality.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Due to the rise of veganism and wellness in the millennial population, protein is on the rise. However, consumers still find it hard to find a protein supplement that adapts to their special needs, routines, and tastes.


Wellness, Personalized

The wellness industry is moving towards customization and data-driven solutions with algorithms to create personalized products. Luvann is a data-driven nutrition space that helps people choose products that work for their changing fitness goals and educates them on why certain ingredients work better than others. Customers will able to buy a protein supplement personalized for their health regimen through our online platform.

Stage 1

Body Calculator


Customer Experience

We tested the personalization of the product through an online platform to help customers keep track of their fitness goals, reorder & connect with Luvann nutritionists and community.

Stage 2

Measure & Recommend

User Research with + 100 Consumers
  • Whey or Vegan
  • Meal Replacement or Snack
  • +30 Supplements
Product Format
  • 2lb packaging
  • Ingredient Transparency
  • Inside-out Beauty Food

Developing Our Process

We developed an online body calculator taking into account height, weight, activity level, and health goals. That calculation allows the user to understand their recommended calorie intake daily and accommodates to how the user will consume the protein supplement (snack or meal replacement). The platform allows the user to indicate other nutrition goals like boost immune system, increase energy, improve gut health, etc The algorithm recommends supplements to be added to the base formula to create a personalized blend.

Stage 3

Personalized Blend


for Results

Consumers are now keen on being able to decide what goes into their products, to learn more about their product´s formulation and have the ability to customize their ingredients.


Users Tested


Different Combinations