Product & Marketing Management


Market Strategy Consultant


Corporación Dinant is a family-owned Central American conglomerate with a portfolio of products in agriculture, snacks, palm oil, packaged foods, condiments, and home care. Dinant sold its previous brands including Natura´s, Xedex, Unox, Xtra, Audaz, Azistin, Doña Blanca, and Magia Blanca to Unilever.

Up to 2012, the whole snack portfolio reached 40% of the Central American market share with 200% growth, with leading brands Zambos and Ranchitas.

I was initially hired as the Assistant Brand Manager for the Yummie´s Snack Brand to develop my Parsons School of Design thesis casabe project.

  • Analyzed the performance of 11 sub-brands/48 SKUs ($15M) by consolidating weekly revenue information with internal sales and retail POS data. Released a monthly regional report with recommendations for promotions for each Central American country. 
  • Co-developed Taro & Sweet Potato chip mix under Zambos brand jointly with R&D and Agriculture Departments. 
  • Managed vendor relationships for product development and R&D (improving flavor profiles, packaging requirements, etc.)
  • Partnered with corrugated suppliers to create product display offerings, e.g. shippers & shoppable pallets, that facilitated incremental revenue opportunities.
  • Visited point of sales and work with the sales team to meet monthly sales goals
  • Performed regular market research studies with the in-house market research department to gather data to develop brand management plans
  • Assisted in the design of product packaging, in-store marketing displays, and planograms
  • Worked with our in-house advertising and trade marketing departments to manage brand marketing, promotions, and ad campaigns across the region

“¿Ya lo Probaste?”

(Have you tried it?)

Regional Institutional Campaign

I was in charge of working with R&D to develop a line of  “exotic” chips under the Zambos snack brand umbrella. We were able to develop the product, but the product launch was postponed until 2014. However, while working on the project I developed an Ad campaign concept to tempt consumers to try this new “exotic” product. The concept was adopted as an institutional promotional ad campaign across the region to promote all of Dinant´s products. The concept was also advertised directly on labels on all Dinant products, billboards, radio, and television.



Market Research & Line Extensions

While doing market research, I was able to enter many kitchens and talk to several customers. I learned of the popularity of using bitter-orange juice in the local cuisine. Many Latinos favor this special local citrus to flavor their dishes and often grow it in their gardens.  I was able to push this product innovation with the Packaged Foods Department to extend the condiment line under the Issima brand. It became one of the three top sellers in the condiment portfolio. Adobo Television Ad 

Branding: Logo, Packaging, & Label Design

+Naga Jolokia


design & strategy

As generic competition entered the hot sauce category with lower prices, we strived to keep Schilo´s as the #1 brand in the market by revamping it. The CEO/CMO allowed me to lead this project along with the Director of the Foods Department.

  • I hired a full-time creative designer for the art department. Together, we worked on several projects, including the re-branding of Schilo´s, which included a new bottle design, logo, label, and hot sauce brand names.
  • I sourced Naga Jolokia seeds for our Agriculture and R &D Departments to create a special limited edition hot sauce with the hottest peppers in the world!
  • With the popularity of Chinese food in the local region, I also proposed the development of a Sriracha-type hot sauce, especially for Chinese food.  Schilo´s Sriracha Television Ad

Re-formulating &

Re-launching an Innovation

Deep Frying with a

No-Burn Margarine

  • Collaborated with the Fats & Oil Brand Manager, R&D, and Market Research Departments to re-work the formulation.
  • Participated in packaging, label, and product concept design.
  • Created advertising campaign creative concept for a regional campaign. Deep frying chicken with margarine.  An all-purpose margarine to substitute shortening for more flavourful cooking.



Director of Industrial &



Fats & Oils

Creating a New Division

+ Social Impact

Promoted by CEO/CMO  to develop a strategic product, a bulk palm oil-based shortening for bakeries. However, after doing primary and secondary research, I learned of ample opportunities – a one product development project became a new division with a 5 product portfolio and its own independent sales team.

  • Conducted ethnographic research with +30 institutional clients.
  • Worked with  R & D, Manufacturing, Creative, and Media Planning departments to develop, formulate, design, and launch a 5-product palm oil-based portfolio:
    1. 50 LB Classic All-Purpose Shortening
    2. 50 LB Premium Enzyme-Enhanced Flavored Shortening (allowed for 30% shortening decrease in bread formulations and extended bread shelf-life up to a month)
    3. 50 LB No-Burn Margarine for Pastries
    4. 50 LB Palm Kernel Dairy Base
    5. 5 Gallon High Oleic Deep Frying Oil
  • Hired and managed a 5-person sales and technical team. Negotiated with large clients including MOLSA (Flour Mill based in El Salvador) on a distribution deal. Exceeded sales goals by 20% in 6 months.
  • Developed and executed a customer loyalty / social entrepreneurship plan for bakery owners with no-cost benefits including 90-day initial credit, Accounting Diploma by Certec Consulting, free affiliation to the National Bakers Guild (ANDI), point reward system that counted towards trade marketing promotional events, free logo design packaging for bakery products, and technical aid for new product development. We were able to assist 30 bakers´ transition to the formal sector of the economy.