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We conducted a survey with 88 participants. *All were asked for their preferences if price was the same for all products. Ages ranging 17-60+



Herbal Immediate Relief

For many, herbal medicine is a pseudo-science and its efficacy is doubtful. Herbal medicines also tends to cater towards preventative care, rather than immediate relief. Last, it’s challenging to conduct clinical trials and using allopathic standards with herbal medicines to back up its efficacy. 

User Need: Herbal Relief that is Effective

PREDICTABILITY: “With products like Alka-Seltzer, I am aware of the effects. The effects are predictable.” 

CAUTIOUS: “I don’t like to experiment with alternate meds when I know what will help.” 

TRUST: “I’ve always tried it and works. Trust established brands.”

REPUTATION: “Because of the pharmaceutical house that produces it.”

IMMEDIATE EFFECTS: “Typically herbal remedies take longer and are more preventive.”

SUBSTITUTIONS: I will need the medical part for some stomach bug. I can make some ginger tea etc separately to feel better or buy it.”

EFFICACY: “Herbal and natural is good but not sure if they would work all the time. I would rather go with organic milk and chicken for instance.” 

Consumer Values

Healthy Alternatives

Consumer values have shifted to natural herbal clean alternative medicines for common ailments, but there aren’t a lot of options that customers feel is efficacious. 

User Desire: Healthier Alternatives

BETTER FOR YOU: “Natural and drug-free sounds better to the body.”

GUIDANCE: “I try not to auto medicate myself even with OTC.”

NATURAL: “Because its all natural. Prefer natural options than drugs. If herbs will do the job, then prefer that option since it’s more natural.”

PERCEPTIONS: “Looks healthier.”

UPBRINGING: “Because I’ve been brought up to try and only use homeopathic remedies.”