Incentives for Behavioral Change

By February 5, 2020THE YARN


You would think the Malboro man would inspire men to quit smoking….ehhh, but not really. One reason is because erectile dysfunction is not an immediate “side effect” after you turn off the cigarette.

I recently saw NY Magazine’s front page:

We will be vaping for the rest of our lives. The making of a health crisis that’s only just began. 

It’s obviously a crisis that I will not get into in this article. However, later on that day I coincidentally ran into a marketing pamphlet on smoking at the medical clinic yesterday. It read:

Quit to Save: Quitting Smoking can save your Life. It can also save you money.

Not that this applies to everyone, but sometimes reminders on the impact of your wallet such as these can really hit home. Whether it is highly taxed cigarettes or $15 worth of 4 days of vaping – you are looking at approximately $120/month depending on the extent of your habit.

However, the real connondrum is….Why do our bodies have receptors to these chemicals such as nicotine? 




Photo Credits: 22Moon, NY Magazine 2/4/2020

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