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By May 2, 2020May 16th, 2020THE YARN

Mothers want what’s “best” for their children

How about when they can’t afford the premium infant milk formula? Even in some of the poorest countries, where average wages are ~$200/month – many mothers pay extra for the expensive brand.

It’s the emotional part.

I was talking to a friend of mine from Honduras. She was explaining how many poverty stricken mothers prefer to spend extra on expensive brands or if the baby doesn’t like formula – these mothers will breastfeed while being unemployed to make sure her baby is fed rather than go out to find a job that provides income.  Most mothers do what the children want, she says. If the kid wants a castle toy, they will save money to buy it or get something similar – but they will do it. Why?

Many mothers feel: “If I can’t get this for my child, I suck. My poor child. He/She needs to have the best and even better than what I had.”

Especially during this pandemic, what’s disturbing about all of this is:

  1. Many mothers, particularly those who are unemployed or single, are facing hardship right now
  2. Many Companies produce all options: expensive, affordable, and private brands with the same formula (or very little added value in terms of ingredients). The illusion they create of a better product to make an extra $ margin via premium branding and marketing campaigns are guilty of inducing this extra mental abuse on mothers.

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