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I am sure that a good % of your employees have ADD/ADHD. If they haven’t told you that they have it – it’s because they are afraid of being stigmatized.

They are most likely poisoning their body by popping Adderall so they can focus on completing their work while seating next to the customer care team who are on the phone the whole day.

If their job revolves around Deep Work (see: Cal Newport) requiring intense focus to learn, research, and conduct thorough analysis –  noise cancelling headphones which are really not noise cancelling will not be enough.


Adderall is a stimulant drug that can cause a person to be “on edge,”  that means it can make them experience difficulty in sleeping, have a racing heartbeat, high anxiety, aggression, depression, angry outbursts, etc.

A high level of noise in a work environment is detrimental to a person’s work quality, mood, and interactions with their colleagues.

How about accommodating your offices with silent rooms or remote work options for the best minds in your team as part of your employees benefits program?

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