Product Ideas inspired by my Supermarket Tourist Expeditions.

Past Behaviors

Don't ask customers what they would do in the future, like eg. If they'd buy your product or not. Design Research Rule. Don't ask customers what they think of your...
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The Roundtrip

Regulators have taken us on a round trip - back to Malboro & Kool The other day my husband and I were discussing about how fruit-flavored Juul pods are officially...
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Air Taxi

The tipping point of urban mobility Could Lilium be the next (Black) Uber? Possibly. Most likely. I'm currently just enjoying its beautiful design. Check it out: Photo Credits: Lilium
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Counter Culture

WHAT CULTURES ARE REPRESENTED IN YOUR KITCHEN COUNTER? No, I'm not referring to hippies.... I'm a Supermarket Tourist. A term I've created to explain what I like to do when...
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