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The Power of Behavioral Change


Lately, I’ve been fascinated with the power of CBT to change behavior. As a product developer, I find insights of behavior change incredibly useful in designing new products and services. In light of New Years Resolutions – I found a Skillshare video by Peter Torok, a Lucid Dreamer Expert very helpful. Below are some notes.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with neuroplasticity – in a nutshell, thinking positive thoughts will create new neuropathways in your brain thus enabling to help you think more positively in the future. Negative feelings don’t come from our external realities, but rather our bodies. The mind “runs a program, a schema, a neural pathway” and that is what is making you feel down. The idea that something is wrong in the external world is an illusion. When thinking negative thoughts, it’s best to stop and ask yourself: what kind of pattern am I engaged in right now? Do I want to continue reinforcing this pattern? The sooner you remember that you are engaging in negative thoughts, the faster you can break your reaction: you can create new habits and feelings.

Research estimates it takes 21-66 days to physically develop a new neuropathway in the brain.

You can increase talent, emotional resistance, and intelligence due to neuroplasticity. Our brain remains plastic our whole lives. Contrary to common believes, it is never too late to change.

Every emotion is caused by different neurochemicals. If receptor cells in the brain as used to receiving a certain chemical repeatedly – it will become specialized in receiving that type of chemical.

Therefore, stopping habits/addictions like worry, smoking, etc will create a craving if they don’t get their “daily dose.” This makes it difficult to get rid of emotional habits.

If we have been depressed for a long time, our cells become addicted to depression chemicals. Knowing and remembering this can help us make changes. When we are in a negative state – recognizing we feel bad due to our bodies helps us disassociate and say no to these emotions.

Feeling anger towards your mind to being wired to certain emotions (eg. Stop, this is the stupid machine) can help you step up towards feelings of hope.  Take back control from your body and give it to the conscious mind.

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