Are CPG important?

By February 4, 2020May 5th, 2020THE YARN


I was at MIT this past week and at some social gatherings various people commented that I should be focusing on solving real problems like poverty, hunger, global warming, etc. rather than CPG.

So I responded, I just saw your face of delight and enjoyment bitting into that matcha mochi. Would you prefer if the world didn’t have that option for you to enjoy? How about your Seventh Generation soap? or your ClassPass membership? or Instagram? or your Kindle app?

Consumer goods have massive impact on water supply, waste, food production, etc. As product developers, our responsibility as humans and legacy is making sustainable product design choices.

I had a dear friend from MIT – Prerna Sekhri, come to my rescue. She is an expert Community Builder and Organizer of Universal Suffrage – who focuses on reimagining citizenship for transforming cities and looks at migration, for socio-political, or climate reasons, an already the dominant trend in the world  – Prerna believes that the hope for positive change diminishes as world problems have never been solved.

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